there was noise and fury. When cut, the trees weep blood. Utah is not for the fainthearted players. Wyatt lives in a secluded farmhouse with her twin sister. He has a glass eye. Five years earlier, Lucy has killed their father. Hunting Accident: she has taken them for a momentum. They do not call. It is their covenant, their secret.

The episode keeps coming back. One morning, gun shots resound. A wildvine shot a bull and four other pieces of livestock. This represents a serious shortfall. If they do not recover the sum in question, he would have to sell the domain. The stranger fled. Wyatt continues. This lasts twelve days. The equipped kitchen will leave a taste of ashes. The girl working for a cartel. The hero does not let go of a sole. They encounter a gang of bikers. In a memorable scene, motorcycles mingle with the horses, trample on the body. We do not know if it is in Tarantino or in Cormac McCarthy.

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