do Not use more the expression “contemporary music”. The new director of the festival Musica of Strasbourg, a place of musical creation since 1983, Stéphane Roth rejects the term as too much associated with a time today’s entry in the story, that of Boulez and of its following. And attach the action to the word, by proposing, since its first edition, new directions, which want to be listening to the new avant-garde trends up to now not popular of the pure and hard of the “contemporary”. That the author of these lines does not always find its account matter few: Musica is at the heart of its mission by offering a showcase of movement that is representative of our time.

The music has more individuality, becoming part of a collective process

We will preview as soon as the rejuvenation of the opening night with the Ictus Ensemble. Not a concert hall, but an industrial wasteland with huts pies outbreaks. Not a scene and a hall, but a variety of trays, among which we wander, entering and exiting at leisure. Not …

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