Toy Story 3 had made cry its viewers at the end of what is believed to be the last part of the saga. Andy, who has had time to grow between 1995 and 2010, had left Woody, Buzz, Lightning and the rest of the toys to little Bonnie, before leaving for the university. Nine years later, the adventures continue. After promotional clips and advertising unveiled at the Super Bowl, Disney-Pixar has finally put online Tuesday, the trailer for the fourth installment of Toy Story. And a new character made his appearance in the room of the little girl.

Unfortunately for her, Torky, manufactured with a plastic fork, runs away one night by the window of his house lamenting loud and clear “I am not a toy!”. Concerned with the happiness of its young owner, Woody goes in search of the newcomer, who, with his fragility and his looks scared, won’t last long in the human world. The cowboy and his friend astronaut discover then the universe of amusement parks, where the toys and children are counted by thousands.

The shepherdess, Bo Peep turned into heroin

And the one who accompanies Woody in this new venture is none other than Bo Peep, the shepherdess in porcelain, which had disappeared in the third episode of Toy Story . In the new trailer, the doll comes back with a personality much more in the era of the time. She has swapped her pink dress and pale, her headdress for a pair of pants more maneuverable, and its air of fragile woman to be more emancipated than ever. With his violet cape, doll porcelain now looks like a true heroine who does not hesitate to fight to help his friends. The time of the sheep is, in fact, resolved. It is time for action!

A success

Toy Story 3 had generated a billion dollars in revenue. In 2018, Pixar remade hard, spraying his record at the box office for The incredibles 2 (five million admissions in France). For the last Toy Story , the output of which is in the dining room is scheduled for 26 June, the expectations are high. All the more that it may well be the (true) last part.

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The trailer reveals at 1:37, a little hidden character that could well be the sign of a loop closed. Woody arrived at the park, crosses the place where the toys come together after their “service”. Among them, the most attentive among you will notice Tinny, a one-man band playing the drum, which is none other than the very first toy animation studio Pixar, which was created in 1988… In the short film that inspired the first feature-length film of the saga.