After the child’s bedroom, the toy store and child care facilities, a new playground for Woody the cowboy and Buzz the Flash of lightning, the space ranger. Among the traditional dissemination of advertisements of the Super Bowl, viewers were able to watch thirty seconds from the next Toy Story . This time, we, therefore, find the most famous toys from the big screen in an amusement park, with a Buzz the Lightning in bad posture…

Two teasers were already released in November 2018, featuring the friends of Woody, including Mr. and Mrs. Potato head, Jessie the cowgirl, Rex the dinosaur funky, and Zig-Zag, the dog springs.

The Shepherdess frees

In this mini-trailer, it is the Shepherdess, Bo Peep, which made its appearance, somewhat… transformed. Finished the pink dress and cumbersome, and little functional, a combination of blue and a cape, much more convenient to accompany Woody on his adventures. Equipment worthy of a Wonder Woman , which means a nice role for the porcelain doll.

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The Shepherdess has swapped her usual dress for a combination much more comfortable. Screenshot YouTube

In a synopsis unveiled a few days ago by Pixar, it is discovered that Bo Peep will occupy an important place in the film. “Woody has always been sure of his place in the world and that his first priority was to take care of its own, whether it be Andy or Bonnie. Then, when the new toy Bonnie “home-made”, Forky, says it is consider as a “waste” and not a toy, Woody decides to prove to him that he is wrong. But when Bonnie takes the band on a tour, Woody is going to find an old friend he thought he had lost Bo Peep. After several years, left to herself, her adventurous spirit belies its delicate appearance of porcelain.”

at The helm, Josh Cooley, screenwriter of Vice Versa , and voice actor of one of the dogs is endowed with a word in Up There . To reassure the fans on the realization of this fourth film.

Toy Story 4 will be released in theaters in the French on June 26, 2019, nine years after the release of the third installment, in which the toys were battling a bear plush pink malicious.

So, are you ready to join once more Woody and his gang “to infinity and beyond”?