Trump: the United States

If Beijing adopts a law on national security, limiting the autonomy of Hong Kong, the U.S. side will remain. Washington will make a serious response to this decision, said the American President Donald trump.

Trump to announce strong response this week to China’s planned national security legislation for Hong Kong

— Reuters China (@ReutersChina) May 27, 2020

“We’re now preparing. I’ll talk about this in a few days. You will hear about it until the end of the week it is, I think, will be very intense,” — said the leader of the United States to journalists, transfers Reuters. Details he did not disclose.

earlier, the Chairman of the state Council of China Li Keqiang confirmed that Beijing plans to adopt a law on “stable legal systems and enforcement mechanisms for the protection of national security in Hong Kong”. The law would limit the autonomy of Hong Kong and strengthen the censorship on his site, noted the experts, who were quoted by the Agency “Interfax”.

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