Twitter has blocked more than 30 thousand accounts due to links with Russia and China

the administration of the social network Twitter has blocked more than 32 thousand accounts associated with users from Russia, China and Turkey. This is stated in the statement published on the website of the social network.

According to the administration of the social network, 1152 accounts belonged to users from Russia, 7340 accounts were used by people from Turkey. A large part of the accounts (23750) belonged to users from China.

it is noted that the blocked accounts were involved in “information operations” and was used to distribute materials which could be beneficial for the authorities of these countries.

Accounts of Russia were related to the site “Current politics”. Version of Twitter, he was promoting with the support of the state. Twitter has blocked the account network associated with the media, for violation of the policy regarding social media manipulation. It is clarified that the user accounts were engaged in coordinated census and the strengthening of non-original information for political purposes.

in Addition, “Actual policy” promoted the interests of the party “United Russia” and promoted the attacks on political dissidents.

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