Unknown persons damaged the statue of the horse on the Anichkov bridge in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg on the Anichkov bridge damaged sculpture of one of the horses Klodt. The information was confirmed to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” in press service of the State Museum of urban sculpture.

“Specialists in the near future need to be examined. Based on the fact that with the sculpture, we will take certain actions”, — told the Agency.

Experts will go to Anichkov bridge on the evening of June 15 or the morning of the following day.

As they say eyewitnesses, the horse’s broken reins. St. Petersburg in social networks are encouraged to fine violators “tens of thousands”.

additionally, this is not the first loud incident with the monuments in the Northern capital. So, in 2018, the vandals climbed onto the bronze horseman on the Senate square and attempted to set it on the grill. Then the sculpture was left without damage.

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