on Tuesday, the tabloid american TMZ reported the burglary violent that took place at the Westlake Recording Studio, while the singer Usher and rapper Rich the Kid worked there. The police would not have discovered it yet if there is one or more guilty of this assault, but a dozen shots have been fired on the spot, at the time of the leak, wounding one of the body guards present on-site. The perpetrators reportedly managed to steal a substantial sum of money and several jewelry. It would seem, according to the statements of the witnesses on the spot, Rich the Kid was mostly covered by the attack.

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This is not the first time that the rapper is the target of thugs. In June 2018, the interpreter of the Plug Walk and his companion had been admitted to the hospital after the burglary the more violent their house by five armed men, come to steal cash and jewelry. After this new attack, on Tuesday, the rapper posted a photo on her behalf Instagram on which he is seen to pose in front of his Lamborghini blue, several bundles of dollars to the hand. A foot of nose to cause his assailants, and ensure to his fans that he is doing well. You may notice a bandage around his left wrist.

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Always in bank mo deposit ^

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safe and Sound, the singer Usher, has also shared on social networks a message to avoid the tabloids, americans panic. “You still believe everything you read?”, he asked. Before reassuring: “Everything is going well. My team and I are at the shelter. Thank you for being worried anyway.”

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Still believin everything y’all read? All good Me and my crew safe. Thank you for checking up though.

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The new standard

It would seem that such attacks are commonplace in the city of angels, home to a non-negligible quantity of stars, from film, sport or television. In September, the singer Rihanna suffered its second burglary in just a few months and the thieves had quickly been found by the police. It was an organized group that targeted the homes of celebrities when they were absent. Among the future targets, investigators found the names of actors Matt Damon and Viola Davis, as well as that of the basketball player LeBron James.

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In 2013, Sophia Coppola was in Cannes with his film The Bling Ring with Emma Watson. His scenario was based on the true story of a gang of teenagers who are fascinated by celebrities and their luxury items, the point to rob the homes of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom and Rachel Bilson in Los Angeles for a loot of more than three million dollars. The perpetrators had been sentenced between three and four years in prison. None of them, however, had recourse to firearms.