Despite the terrible illness that has affected eight months ago, Véronique Sanson, the more voluntary than ever, had promised to celebrate his healing and his 70 spring on stage April 24. Today on this day anniversary, the singer has won the bet.

She will be tonight on the stage of the Palace of Sports to blow, surrounded by his friends, and his faithful public, to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. In a preview of this renaissance, she granted an interview to our colleagues from the Paris in which she repeats her incredible appetite for life.

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today, Véronique Sanson is considered a true miracle. ( a heart attack, an operation of the carotid artery, a genetic disease, a cancer of the tonsils), this survivor shows a morale of steel, and does not hesitate to say thank you for a life that does not, however, spared. She sees the same metaphysics to his boundless energy: “I am full of gratitude towards life. I thank a kind of higher power that makes you go over the top”.

Steeped in trac before returning to the Palace of Sports, Véronique wished to test themselves at Towers there are fifteen days, as a kind of great before-first, before facing a huge as the one at the Palais des Sports in Paris on the day of his birthday. This experience, while successful, was reassured:” I was so happy to find the public, my home is the stage, that I would have been able to give, every evening, two concerts in a row. I was so eager to prove to everyone that I could do that!”

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The cancer would have been able to reduce the vocal capacities of Véronique who like to use it on stage as a real musical instrument. His admirers know the love of the French song has a heart and a vibrato rocker. Yet everything now seems to be as before. The singer was very grateful to life to have preserved intact this divine quality of singing: “But what is it that I was afraid that my voice does not follow. I repeated only two days and as always, I had the jitters. But by chance, my vocal cords have not been attacked, and my voice has not been affected. On the contrary, it was neat, I have more treble, I have a grain different. I had the impression of not being the same singer”.

reassured, its fans will follow their idols in the coming months on the roads of France and of Navarre. Véronique has announced the Paris : “After this tour, I will repeat an album and another tour. Si Dios quiere (EDITOR, God willing )”. A disk, no doubt, that will look like, once again, to be a miracle.

● Véronique Sanson, in concert Wednesday 24 April, Friday 26 April and Saturday 27 April at the Palais des Sports in Paris. And 3 may in Toulouse, france, may 4 at Pau, may 9, at Montpellier. Finally, the 26 April to 21 hours on France 3.

Véronique Sanson, in great shape, for his first appearance on stage after his illness.

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