This is Valérie Pécresse, president of the region île-de-France, who initiated this first Biennale – his pet name Bap – with François de Mazières, mayor of Versailles, only too happy to host the event in the grounds of the castle and other places in the city. The one who was former president of the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine dreamed for a long time. “The real challenge today is how to reconcile the nature, the man and the city,” he says. In the continuity of the Cop21, the programming puts forward this issue at the heart of the company is in tune with the concerns of eco-friendly and the development of “green” initiatives implemented by many cities, but also in the Île-de-France”.

“I conceived this Biennial as a tree,” he adds. The trunk is the common desire of all the players and its members, Elisabeth Maisonnier, Djamel Klouche, Alexandre Chemetoff. It is also the idea of the Grand Paris explained in “2030,” in the old Post office with its 68 stations, and its 200 kilometres of lines automated around Paris.”

Achievements eco-friendly

The exceptional site of Versailles, recognized as being the first “city-nature” having initiated the ecological transition is the ideal platform to host this first edition. The city benefits from the establishment of two schools of architecture and landscape are internationally recognized. A stroll through 6 exposures on 6 sites will stage of achievements which are eco-responsible in the Île-de-France and throughout the world, but also art installations, debates and meetings to build the city of tomorrow.

The journey starts with “the Augurs, laboratory of new practices architectural” Djamel Klouche, in the Small Stables of the Castle houses the gallery of plaster casts and sculptures. The main chapel is a call to project “Immersive/ prospective” 23 agencies are encouraged to think about the new architectural practices at the time of Cop21. The castle offers “Versailles, architectures dreamed 1660-1815” to make the link between the concerns of the architects of yesterday and those of today. The Garden of the king, the “Taste of the landscape” by Alexandre Chemetoff. Historian of architecture, Christine Desmoulins sets the stage for the major upcoming projects of the urban area of Versailles to the Space Richaud, former chapel of the royal hospital. The Biennial continues in the city with “Escaped beautiful”, a proposal of Nicolas Gilsoul, with very beautiful photos. There will be a lot to see, perhaps too much. In each drawing.

Biennial of architecture and of landscape, Versailles (78), from 4 may to 13 July