Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg: the Peak incidence has passed, but a return to severe restrictions possible

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Eugene Elin admitted that “antiviral” restrictions in the city will again be reinforced, however this can be avoided. He declared it on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”. “Of course, allowed (the tightening of prohibitions — “Rosbalt”). Just wanted to draw attention to the fact that in General it’s not so bad. Yet the prevalence of falls today. We believe that the peak has passed. The number of beds we have available is growing,” — said Elin. He stressed that he didn’t want to instill unnecessary optimism, but at the Smolny while hoping for a favorable outcome. “We are pleased to talk about how we lose any more limitations than about what will happen if the incidence of jump”, — concluded the Deputy Governor. Recall that in Northern capital from June 1 to soften the mode of increased readiness. Older people over 65 years will allow us to get out of the house. The changes will concern the use of personal protective equipment. Masks and gloves will need only in enclosed public places, shops, on public transport, but not on the streets, as established before may 31. Also in the summer of Petersburgers will be allowed to visit cemeteries.

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