This is the story of a man, who conquered America, without making any noise. One of Dick Cheney’s (Christian Bale), a former member of the administration of Gerald Ford, former secretary of Defense under George W. Bush, then vice-president of the latter. In his new film, Adam McKay ( The Big Short ) has decided to tell the life of the one who has helped to impose a new world order of which we still feel the consequences today.

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Vice [VF] [trailer] – Look on Figaro Live

The press unanimous

With this new film, the producer of The Big Short (2017), has conquered the critics, starting with First, where Thomas Baurez bring “a comedy swirling, using of all the possible processes of the kind […], even the most unexpected”.

Camille Nevers Release sees a “powerful film” left, “militant, critical and self-critical, fit-in.” The New Observer, represented by François Forest, enjoyed this film that makes “no quarter, no “portrait balanced” for this vermin”. The World , more edge, consider that the feature is “adequate for a satirical comedy,” but “too shallow for a film that pretends to a point of view documented”.

In Télérama , James Morice to consciousness as Vice “flies and simplifies without doubt some of the facts, but it is for the benefit of a jubilation quasi-constant.” Finally, in Figaro , Eric Neuhoff sees it as “a film funny and scary, which dives into the behind the scenes of political life”.

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Christian Bale is mind-blowing

In Vice , the criticism is also unanimous with regard to the performance of Christian Bale has once more invested his whole being, sticking closely to his character. The drafting of the Paris greet their interpretation where the actor is “unrecognizable” and “admiration”.

Eric Libiot of the Express is ecstatic and believes that Christian Bale is “oscarisable to each movement of the eyelids.” Jacques Mandelbaum, who sign the critic of the World , is her admiration for the actor “transformist outstanding, including glue, to him who loses or takes thirty pounds as smoothly as the common of the mortals varies from a single”.

Vice , Adam McKay, with Christian Bale (Dick Cheney), Amy Adams (Lynne Cheney), Steve Carell (Donald Rumsfeld) and Sam Rockwell (George W. Bush), in the dining hall on February 13.