Alone in the chamber of the Sun King, the photographer of the Portuguese who lives in Paris gave the gold and the reflections in the mirrors the flashy to focus on the windows of the house. This morning, they are inhabited by the frost, and the rays of the sun deliver the hidden messages left by the friction, the appositions and the inscriptions made by visitors. The mystery behind the scenery of the palace. In counterpoint to this series, the artist presents portraits and photographs of landscapes. In one of them, hands carry a plate of ice that transforms into a table trapped within leaves, earth and dust. A still life of ice marked by the movements and vibrations, the dialogue of nature.

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Anne Barrault Gallery 51, rue des Archives (Third).
Tel.: 09 51 70 02 43. Hours: of the mar. at the sam. from 11 am to 19 h. until , April 13.

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