Vasantha Yogananthan is considering the photograph as a work of craftsmanship, a mix of the patience of the work in the darkroom and the precision of the painter’s work Jaykumar Shankar, who makes all his shots. For the project A Myth of Two Souls , conducted since 2013, he replicated the journey of 5000 km from India to Sri Lanka carried out by the two heroes (Rama and Sita) of the Ramayana, the book founder of the philosophy of hinduism.

Behind the project, which includes the seven books of the odyssey, he delivers a panorama of India also contemporary indatable that it softens to tones. From the workshop of fortune of the hairdresser of street portrait of young men back on a seascape by way of close-ups of the lush nature, the shots of the winner 2018 of the prix Camera Clara give new faces to the story centenary.

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