“Imagine if, for the first time, all our heroes were losers,” says Robert Downey Jr in a new video that is bestowed on Le Figaro exclusively. The thing was unthinkable before the Infinity War . However, the end of the third installment of the franchise, the Avengers do not fall within the scope of the imagination: the “Avengers” have lost. And Thanos has triumphed.

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In these exclusive images, the actors, the “survivors” of the apocalypse triggered by the Titan crazy (Josh Brolin) testify. “Everyone’s trying to make the best he can, but the battle is lost and we don’t have the habit,” said Chris Evans (Captain America) whose contract with Marvel expires at the end of the twenty-second feature of the firm. “Everyone still needs to get used to the idea”, adds Chris Hemsworth (Thor). “Natasha is a bit hardened after what she has endured,” says about it Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) about his character.

“A cathartic experience”

At the end of Infinity War , the third installment of the franchise of Marvel, Thanos would put his hand on the six Gems of the Infinite, the magical stones that give a power without limits. With a snap of the fingers, the supervilain would disappear half the population of the universe. And a party of vigilantes with – including newcomers Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and Black Panther. “The reaction of the fans at the end of Infinity War , when half of their favourite hero has been reduced to a dust, showed the strong bond that united them to these characters,” says Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios.

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the Avengers Endgame , presented as the ultimate episode of the third phase of Marvel in his saga of the Infinite, will there be a film about grief ? Or the revenge? It is, in any case, what suggests the latest movie trailers shared by Marvel Studios. Directors of this conclusion that promises to be epic, the brothers Russo, Le Figaro met them in London, have promised the fans “a cathartic experience”. The appointment is taken into rooms for the 24th of April.