“We will rock you!” It is 18 hours on Thursday evening, the Grand Rex of Paris is transformed into a concert hall. A long line of mustaches, jackets and yellow underwears white expects the doors to open. The first fan arrived at 8: 45 am. All of them are stuck to the projection of Bohemian Rhapsody , a biopic directed by Bryan Singer with Rami Malek on the epic of Queen and its lead singer Freddie Mercury. It is, however, not a simple movie, but a movie-giant karaoke.

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The English call it the “Sing Along”, to understand “sing at the same time”. The concept is simple: project a film of the music with the lyrics of the songs to allow the audience to sing along and dance during the projection. After Grease , Mamma Mia ! and The young girls of Rochefort , the Screen Pop, founded by Natacha Campana, now offers a version for the film tribute on Queen.

A pre-show longuet

inside the Grand Rex cinema, some came with friends. Of all ages. Teens, fist in the air, dressed in a false mustache, repeat the choreography stage of Freddie Mercury. A mini-decoration of the lounge, clip I Want To Break Free has been installed for a photo shoot.

Before the screening, an hour of préspectacle is expected to “warm up” the 2700 spectators. A jury dummy make a selection of the best costumes. Each turn, the candidates come on stage, excite the room shot of the classic “eeeeh ooooh”, sung by Mercury during his concerts, and then are judged by the amount of applause. Finally, rather to the vocal cord.

An “Open Mic” classic Queen with orchestra adds a notch to the rate of mass hysteria of the crowd of spectator already irritated. It is 21: 30, the lights go out. Finally! The movie isn’t even started yet and the fans take it back to the top of your lungs the theme song Century Fox, before cheering on the appearance of Freddie Mercury on the screen.

Coolness uppercase

The 2h 15min of the film is a succession of ovations, whistles as soon as the first hug between Freddie and Mary Austin, of boos against the boss of EMI, which alleges that the title Bohemian Rhapsody to be too long. A “asshole” fuse against Paul Prenter, the assistant of the singer who gave the first details of his private life in exchange for a large sum of money.

And next to karaoke? The lyrics of the songs appear in uppercase multicolored. But the interest tapers off quickly, the movie only releasing bits of pieces. In the end, only the last fifteen minutes devoted to the Live Aid concert offer a true experience of “song”. Everyone stands up, shakes the arm and égosille full lungs. One comes to wonder if the cries from the crowd of Wembley or of the room. Balloons in the shape of a heart offered, “to shake the dice when Freddie is a little sad,” fly in the room. The Show Must Go One sounds, and closing the end credits.

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One in the spring to leach. With the confirmation that Bohemian Rhapsody is more of a accumulation of scenes from the concert and a real biopic about the unique destiny of the british group. At the exit, some, necessarily, are delighted. After having seen the film several times (sometimes six), they have been able to free themselves of the frustration of not being able to sing in a chorus, in a “cinema classic”. Others point to the limited interest of the karaoke for the Bohemian Rhapsody . Contrary to movies purely musical already converted to ciné-karaoke as mamma Mia or Grease , the concept here toussote. To believe that all films do not lend themselves. Fortunately.