To see

Gloria Bell, comedy-drama by Sebastian Lelio, 1h41

A self-remake? The term is ugly, but speaking. The director of chile has long hesitated. Gloria and Gloria Bell are alike as two drops of water. These are the same movies and they have nothing to do. Paulina Garcia, Gloria original, a divorced chilean fan of disco and clubbing in Santiago, was a revelation. Julianne Moore, Gloria new, divorced california, a fan of Bonnie Tyler and clubbing in Los Angeles, is a confirmation. The fifty graduate, the children have grown up, a job in the insurance to die of boredom… What else is there to Gloria? A flirtation with John Turturro, perfect old large enthusiast of firearms as charming as loose. The men are disappointing, we should not expect much from them. In real life, Julianne Moore not to dance at weddings. On the screen, his Gloria does not stand up to the music. We would like that she never stops dancing.

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We will end up together , a dramatic comedy from Guillaume Canet, 2: 15am

The house is for sale. Cluzet is in the process of divorce. By and large, this is not going strong. In addition, his birthday coming up and this grumpy does not intend at all to celebrate it. His friends make him the surprise of landing in Cap-Ferret. Guillaume Canet plant his camera in its decor favorite. He has learned the lesson of Yves Robert. We will all is the We will go all in heaven of his generation. The claim is absent from this comedy where there are a thousand details true and a maze romp. Oddly, all these people have the air of belonging to the family. They no longer even need to talk. The age has learned to round off the corners. They will, without a doubt.

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Alice T. , a drama by Radu Muntean, 1 hour and 45 minutes.

This is the story of a girl with red hair. She wants to be the note, that is for sure, this Alice in full-blown adolescence. The mother, Alice discovers that her daughter is pregnant. And the spectator discovers that she is an adoptive mother. When Alice says they want to keep it, her mother argues with emotion this early maternity. The filmmakers romanians have this originality to give all its weight of existential to the pregnancy. It has been seen in Cristian Mungiu. We see in Radu Muntean. The life which appears or disappears on the screen of the ultrasound, decrypted by the gynecologist is not a medical image in the abstract. This is the line of flight towards the mystery of life.

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Tremors , a drama of Jayro Bustamante, 1h40

A dark-haired man and anxious at the wheel of his car rolls under the rain in the streets of the capital city of Guatemala. Apparently, a disaster occurred in the luxurious house where Pablo is expected by the family together. Pablo, married and father of two young children, committed that more is in the evangelical Church, has a binding homosexual with Francisco. The main actors, both remarkable (Olyslager elegant, introverted, indecisive, Zebadua sensual, sensitive and intuitive), question, complement each other in a relationship that is flexible and louvoyante which also raises good questions to the audience. Jayro Bustamante does not spare the effects of solemn and dramatic emphasis, it goes up to the earthquake. Discovered with Ixcanul , the story of a young Indian girl, maya, the director confirms his talent at once powerful and sensitive.

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Coming Out , a documentary of Denis Parrot, 1h03

Denis Parrot has collected and edited videos of young gays and lesbians revealing their homosexuality in videos on the Internet, sometimes with their mother at their side. A moving tribute on the difficulty to accept her sexuality.

Jessica Forever , fantastic Jonathan Vinel and Caroline Poggi, 1h37

Paod Muyock, discovery in the sour Love of Gaspar Noé, plays an Athena modern followed by a strip of fringe addicted to violence. For their first feature film, Vinel and Poggi put the finger on the trigger. In spring a strange object film SF is home where love and innocence come to full balls.

You can see

68, my father and nails ), a documentary of Samuel Bigiaoui, 1: 24

Samuel Bigiaoui films his father, a militant maoist in the 1960s and owner of a diy store in the latin Quarter for the last thirty years, a few days of retirement. A little short on the extreme left of this period, touching on the closure of an trade of proximity.

To avoid

Hearts enemies , a drama of James Kent, 1h48

How to ruin a good story? Hearts enemies could be a beautiful melodrama love in the ruins of occupied Germany by the Allies in 1946. It looks like a set design cultureuse for fashion magazine. The chic Vogue allied to the beats of the heart We Two, to dream of more?

there is a God, His name is Petrunya , a comedy by Teona Strugar Mitevska, 1h40

Petrunya has no chance, she was born in Stip, a small city in Macedonia, where the men, religious or not, are beasts and villains. A comedy feminist lourdingue.