When visiting the IFC in Moscow will need to keep your distance

a member of the Commission of Moscow city Council on municipal economy and housing policy Olga Melnikova said the provision of sanitary requirements for renewal of work of the multipurpose centers (MFC).

In an interview to journalists of the Agency urban news “Moscow” it has reminded that since may 25 in Moscow will open 88 centres “My documents”.

According to her, to soften restrictions allows the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the city, where it increases the amount recovered.

“This is only the first steps, before the end of the epidemic is still very far away, but gradually Moscow will return to a normal life,” — said Melnikov.

the Deputy called sufficient measures applied by the authorities of the city, and the current existing limitations — correct.

Melnikov recalled that the Muscovites will be able to issue a driver’s license, the Russian and foreign passports, and registration records. In addition, 17 centers of the city will prepare the documents for the cadastral registration and registration of rights on application from individual entrepreneurs.

Staff and visitors centers will be required to use personal protective equipment — mask and gloves. In addition, all new employees, the MFC will measure the temperature before the beginning of reception of applicants.

Melnikov also reminded people about the need to comply with social distance when visiting the centres, what will say and markings on the floor.

“All surfaces in the room will also be regularly disinfected — door handles, chairs, tables, that is, all necessary measures will be taken”, she added.

to get to the center of public services will be by appointment on mos.ru. At the entrance to the offices of all visitors to measure the temperature. If it is elevated, in the centre of public services will not be allowed. When you visit the “My documents” you need to use a mask and gloves.

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