The heirs of Whitney Houston have entered into an agreement to try to rekindle the flame of the american singer, which could lead in particular to the release of an album posthumously of previously unreleased tracks and a tour as a hologram. The record label Primary Wave Music Publishing has announced Monday an agreement with the heirs of the singer who died in 2012, under which it has acquired 50% of his assets including the rights to his music, his films and derivative products.

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female Artist who received the highest number of awards of all time, Whitney Houston is dead at 48 years old after a fight out against the drug dependency. In ten years, she was moved from darling of the Americans in the headlines with scandal. “Before his death, there was so much of negativity around his name ; he was no longer a question of music,” said Pat Houston, sister-in-law and executrix of the singer, the New York Times . “People have forgotten how it was fantastic. They have left all his personal problems take on why they loved him in the beginning”.

“Thanks to the will world of the Primary Wave, and to his multitude of contacts, this partnership will lead to the artistic talent and the integrity of the legacy of Whitney towards the stratosphere” with everything “that she has left us, so that we can take advantage of a lifetime,” she adds. And to clarify on a daily basis that the organization of a tour with a hologram of Whitney Houston would be the main focus of this partnership. It could be followed by agreements on derivatives and maybe even a Broadway show.

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“Whitney Houston is an artist without common measure whose voice accompanies people in their everyday life to this day,” noted Lawrence Mestel, head of Primary Wave, specialized in the catalogues of stars such as Bob Marley, Smokey Robinson, and Def Leppard. “The idea now is to remind people that it is all of this, his legacy.” Several songs from the first album of the singer, released in 1985, still unknown to the public, could be part of a next disk.

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