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the Head of the who programme on emergency health Mike Ryan stated that COVID-19 remains with a virus-killer and does not lose its pathogenicity.

According to him, should not believe the speculation that over time the virus becomes less dangerous and deadly, since it’s not part of evidence.

“We must be extremely careful not to succumb to the illusion that suddenly the virus on their own decided to become less pathogenic,” said he.

Daily coronavirus kills thousands of lives around the world, and the peak incidence in the region of Central and South America has not yet passed.

Ryan said that Brazil, USA, Peru, Chile and Mexico over the past day about a large number of infections.

the Biggest concern who is the current situation in Haiti, where the growth of infections occurring on the background of weak health systems.

Recall that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world exceeded 6.3 million, more than 370 thousand infected died.

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