In Paris, it always turns out the same. The capital confirms its attractiveness to filmmakers with more than 1 000 film 2018, a figure that is up 20% in just two years, announced the municipality. As the 72nd edition of the Cannes film Festival begins this Tuesday 14 may, 1 062 shoots which have been made in 2018 in Paris, representing 4 095 days of shooting. In comparison, Paris had welcomed 885 in 2016.

“These numbers and trends reflect the very strong demand for content, both in film and in the audiovisual field, in particular with the exponential development of the series,” notes the press release from the city of Paris.

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Among the 109 productions and stage directors of feature films in French, we can mention the Two me of Cédric Klapisch, Notre Dame Valérie Donzelli, The Daronne of Jean Paul Salomé, nonstandard by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache (presented this year at the last meeting in Cannes), Turkey by Jalil Lespert, It Must Be Heaven Elia Suleiman, or The class struggle by Michel Leclerc.

series to boost the numbers

Paris has hosted 76 productions of dramas and series, such as Alice Nevers , Can t buy me love , the season 4 of the Office of the legends , une famille formidable or Vernon Subutex , tour, primarily in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth arrondissements of Paris. These series occupy the majority of the 4 095 days of shooting identified by the city of Paris.

Contacted by Le Figaro , the City specifies, for example, that the series Netflix The Eddy of Damien Chazelle’s going to turn around for 100 days in the capital this year. The development of Netflix or Amazon on the market on the demand is one of the causes of the increase in filming in Paris for the past five years, even in a post-terrorist attacks.

The capital city has attracted a further 170 international projects, including 16 feature films. The rest of the filmmaking is made up of short films and films of pub. According to a calculation of the City, Paris has a ratio of shoots per m2 very high, in comparison with other major cities of cinema as London. In question, an area of intra-muros very low in the capital and the absence of movie studios on the municipal territory.