“We are the forgotten, the campaign, the misfits, too far from Paris…” After My son went to jihad , Gauvain Sers continues, for his new album The Forgotten , in his distinctive style from minstrel lost in the Twenty-first century, of sign songs. In a pre-first well in its way, he came to Ponthoile, a small village of the Somme to sing in the middle of the playground, the title symbol of his new album.

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The heat of the small villages Gauvain Sers knows and loves since childhood. It is in Dun-le-Palestel, a charming village of the Creuse, that the future minstrel has spent its funds panties on the benches of the school. His father, a figure dunoise, was a teacher of mathematics. When the director of a primary school in Ponthoile, Somme wrote to him to alert him of the closure of his establishment, Gawain is immediately moved. It has decided to respond by signing a new song made with smooth – as it has the secret – The Forgotten .

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in Front of the nearly six hundred villagers of Ponthoile, guitar shoulder strap, accompanied by his faithful musicians, Gawain has plucked the words from his song that sounded like an impassioned plea for the world of the campaign. Of to expose more than the simple closure of a class: “[…] This same philosophy that turns the country into a shopping center… It had not is enough that he is no longer a grocery store, which the doctors can be the trunk. There’s one more person in the city, there’s only the banks that shine in the main street…”

Two Zenith before coming back in its little wheedling

This first recital at Ponthoile inaugurated the great series of concerts that Gauvain Sers will in all France. It will be at the Zenith of Limoges on April 24, then Paris on the 25th of April. Because he wants to start preaching the good word in the big cities before returning in the small wheedling dear to his heart to sing again and again: “We are the forgotten, the campaign, the misfits, too far from Paris, the least of their worries. It is the third knife, the last part of the cake…”

‚óŹ Gauvain Sers sings The Forgotten