The comedian and host Yassine Belattar, under investigation for death threats and slander on the person of Bruno Gaccio, he was brought Wednesday evening to the court of Paris, with a view to his indictment on Thursday, has learned the AFP source close to the folder and to the prosecutor’s office.

It had been placed in custody Tuesday in the investigation as witnesses have also been accused of harassment. What he contests. It will be presented to an investigating judge in the context of a judicial inquiry opened on Thursday, and whose qualifications have not yet been specified by the public prosecutor of Paris. After its passage in front of the judge, Yassine Belattar, 36 years old, should be released under judicial control for the following investigations.

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This polemicist in vogue, now a columnist on television, was made Tuesday at a convocation of the investigators of the office of the Fifth and sixth districts of the capital. The parquet de Paris opened the preliminary investigation following the filing of a complaint, on January 24, Bruno Gaccio, ex-author of the Horns of the info, which claims to have been threatened with death over the phone.

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The two men had worked closely in 2015 when Yassine Belattar had taken over the reins of The Big Issue , a program produced by Bruno Gaccio and aired on Comedy+. But relations have since festered between these two actors very politically engaged and who regularly take part in on Twitter.

on Wednesday, during the police custody, the two men confronted their versions in front of police. Yassine Belattar “denied having made death threats and everyone has camped on its positions,” according to the source close to the folder.

The charges accumulate

According to the news website Médiapart, the comedian is also accused by several people of the entertainment world “behavior humiliating or threatening”. “Four people have described on minutes of direct threats, a half-dozen people at least have mentioned a number of difficult professional relations, and two young women were told of the conversations drifting to innuendo, or inappropriate sexual comments while they were looking for work,” writes the site that says investigate from end of 2017 on this matter. At least a second complaint was filed, according to another source close to the folder.

Interviewed by the news website, the actor has challenged the accusations of harassment professional but assumed some of the comments in question: “I threat people, it is a fact, he said. There are plenty of people who are threatening others. But me, I’m never passed to the act.”

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