With Chernobyl and In their eyes , it is one of the best fictions of 2019. After having put online SVOD, Canal+ broadcasts finally Years and Years , nugget from the BBC. The six-part recount of 2019 to 2034 the daily life of a middle class family from Manchester. Ups and downs on the bottom of the news. Weddings, breakups, birthdays, death… The existence of the Lyons follows the oscillations of the planet. She tells of her turmoil more skillfully than any projections of experts: financial crisis, nuclear tensions, migrants, populism.

The idea of this chronicle, where the trivial sharing of the disaster had for the past two decades, in the head of Russell T. Davies. But the Brexit and the amazing accession of Donald Trump at the White House have acted as a catalyst. There was urgency to write. “The world is becoming more crazy, more and more burning. This began as early as 2008 with the collapse of the banks, î he told the Figaro .

Years and Years – …

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