contemporary jazz is full of talented musicians, and without a doubt will there be a wait to separate the gold nuggets from the dense mass and of a quality not comparable to other styles today. Of course, the technical mastery isn’t everything, but it is clearly the medium on which an entire generation pulls the jazz to the top.

In this abundance, a school israeli has emerged and is imposed from New York to Tokyo, passing by Paris. Creative, dynamic, attached to its roots, it dug a furrow and revealed undoubted talents as Yaron Herman, the two Avishai Cohen, Omer Avital, Shai Maestro…

a versatile Artist

The pianist Yonathan Avishai is part of it. At the age of 13, he was already a school of music in Tel-Aviv, where he learned the spirit and joy of jazz, he tries to transmit today in the teacher, especially in France. It also conducts multiple concurrent careers: one in the quartet of the trumpet player Avishai Cohen and the other with his trio in the company of Yoni Zelnik on double bass and Donald Kontomanou on drums. This does not prevent to work to other projects in the meantime. Nothing unusual for the musician: “It was the habit in jazz,” he explained simply to the microphone “Jazzafip”, in early February.

His visit to Paris comes at peak because this pianist elegant, fine and subtle in its expressions, has just released a great album, the Joys and Solitudes (ECM). “I like to propose an experience where the emotion is very present,” says the musician. This is the case of this disc. This will also be his ambition, this evening, at the Studio of the Hermitage.

Studio of the state Hermitage 8, rue de l’ermitage (Xx).
Tel.: 01 44 62 02 86.
date: on 20 feb. at 20: 30.
up: 18 €.