Yuli Gusman Yefremov: Mike been scalded

Director and founder of the film award “Nika”, commented the accident with the actor Mikhail Yefremov, which killed the driver of the delivery van Sergey Zakharov.

As told Guzman he was very well aware of Michael Efremova and appreciates his acting talent. “Around the Russian-speaking world his name was thundering and booming. Now, unfortunately, with a negative sign. Yes, life is in full swing, but would not Ambaritsa. Unfortunately, Michael been scalded,” said he, “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

At the same time, Gusman acknowledged that Yefremov is suffering from a very severe form of alcohol dependence. “The victim in the accident Sergey Zakharov, judging by the photos and stories, was a remarkable man. He didn’t deserve such a death. But Yefremov did not deserve this end,” says the Director, stressing that he would love “to his repentance, and it was sincere, and it was not written by someone, and his own, and not about how to buy and redeem, were heard.”

he Also condemned the “the stench that is carried on TV, from the Internet”. As suggested by Yuli Gusman, “this is crazy and unethical hunting of wolves,” considering that “this crazy and jealous of the success that was Mikhail Olegovich throughout the Russian-speaking world, his fame, amusement, lightness”. Said Guzman, the conviction of the actor involved people, “who, and I personally know about it, there is nothing for the soul but sin and immorality.”

“Someone will say: “Ah! You feel sorry for him!“. I understand that Sergey Zakharov died for no reason. It flew into a drunken hussar and all. But the fact that torn to pieces the soul of Mikhail Olegovich Yefremov, I know,” said guzmán.

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