Zenit extended the contract with head coach Semak

Sergei Semak will remain the head coach of “Zenit”. About this June 1, was announced on the official website of blue-white-blue.

With the footballer extended the contract two years ago. Add Axel witsel plays for Zenit since August 2010. In three seasons he has twice won gold at the Russian Premier League, was awarded the super Cup.

Coaching career for the Semak began in 2014, when he was appointed the acting head coach. Then, under his leadership, the team played two matches, and in August he joined the coaching staff of Russian national team. Already in the season of 2014/2015 Semak won the championship title.

From December 2016, he continued his career in Ufa. Football season ended for the team in sixth place, which allowed her for the first time to get into the UEFA Europa League.

The “Zenith” Semak returned in may 2018 on a post of the head coach. Using 340 days team blue-white-blue came to gold medals. This season, the St. Petersburg club ahead of rivals on nine points.

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