Zhirinovsky offered to stop traveling abroad and collecting butterflies

the Leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky suggested to stop traveling abroad for tourism purposes because of the danger of the spread of epidemics, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

“you Have to stop to travel abroad and these agencies should be closed, which our money with a tourist guide there,” said Zhirinovsky, speaking at a meeting of the state Duma.

“We still take their tourists, we are the only country in the world, which have two months to collect the tourists from all over the world is anarchy in its purest form. After all, they went through a travel agent in April or March and no one was banned from leaving and did not stop the activities of travel agencies”, — said the leader of the liberal democratic party.

He is convinced that the epidemic of the coronavirus could be prevented if a “number”. “Would bring on Board, how much every city in the world with the same diagnosis go to the doctor. And all would be seen. Close to city, country to not hurt the entire planet”, — said Zhirinovsky.

“don’t send people to countries where people eat any crap, everything that creeps on the earth. We have also over the Internet sell dried bat”, — Zhirinovsky was indignant.

He also believes threat collecting butterflies because they are “dried with viruses,” and archaeological excavations.

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