Samia, a young senior adviser education (CPE) makes his first in college “difficult” in the suburbs of paris at Saint-Denis. Without experience, she will have to adapt to students ‘ uncontrollable, which Yanis. This is Zita Hanrot which carries on its strong shoulders the film but unfortunately a bit too agreed the singer Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir. “This is the first time I play in a film so popular in the best sense of the term, a little bit at the Toledano-Nakache with the human and the humour,” says the actress of 29 years.

Samia wants to “get it.” “It comes from the Ardeche, in a sort of cocoon,” explains Zita Hanrot, it passes the greenery and the sun with the urban, and not necessarily codes. Altruistic, it has the vocation, sheds light on the students.” Generous, like the actress who met several CPE. “They are inhabited, she adds, it must be to be able to give as much of his time, this is a profession where one puts in …

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