Writer of drownings and falls, breaks, seaside resorts in the winter, the disappointments, the territories on the periphery, the middle classes and the fragility of family, the author of I’m fine, don’t worry (2000) presents regularly its existence to tv through his novels. He gives his new. At the threshold of the forties in Edges (2012), he focused on this feeling recurring to always be on the margin. His youth in the paris suburbs, his literary success, which was propelled into a world where it does not recognize itself, its installation in Brittany with wife and children to try to hang on to the elements. The sea, the wind, the spray, the cosmos, to be part of a great whole.

“did She know because she had read his fucking books ? It is fourrait the fingers in the eye.”

Extract from A game of badminton

In A game of badminton , a title deliberately light for his fourteenth book, which is not, it continues in this vein. Small pebbles thrown between him and his players while maintaining by design, the confusion between his life and the life of his characters, “She …

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