Scared to death for this owner of a painting of Yves Klein. She accuses his former lawyer of having extorted the painted work of the famous blue color which the artist has given his name, according to information from Europe 1. The 80-year old woman has filed a complaint, and the prosecutor’s office in Paris has opened a preliminary investigation, entrusted to the central office for the fight against trafficking of cultural properties, a specialized service which depends on the judicial police.

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Offered in 1956 by the artist himself to the one who was then only 17 years old, the work of 80 centimeters (about 1,20 meter, is now missing. The octogenarian suspect, her former lawyer, whom she was entrusted to the table two years ago. It was proposed to place the work in a safe place to prevent it spoils or is stolen.

Since then, the lawyer, paris turned a deaf ear to the requests of restitution. After having entrusted the work to a specialist company, the lawyer will declare owner, evidence to support this. She holds a handwritten letter in which the octogenarian would make his gift on the table. But, according to the latter, this letter is a fake. The challenge is to size because according to several experts, the value of the canvas could reach 20 million euros.