“it All became a blur, a little too crazy for me.” Angela sees disorder. In just one year, belgian singer has gone from unknown to the darling of the French song. Winner of two Victoires de la musique earlier this year, the young wife of 23 years was imposed as an artist, a fixture in the musical landscape francophone with her first album Brol , certified disk of diamond in the Hexagon.

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success is not mounted to the head. But this sudden celebrity is still a sense of confusion on which leans the singer in his song Blur , in which she unveiled the clip this Sunday. She recalls his debut on Instagram, where she published short videos, as well as its “small concerts in bars empty”. Quickly, notoriety and pressure are complicated the life of the young woman as she sings in a chorus of the catchy song.

The video, signed by Brice VDH (already to the realisation of the tube Everything ) blends images of the childhood of the singer, and others captured during his tour, the filming of her video clips, the Cannes film Festival, or to the Victories of the music. We see in particular his fellow countryman Damso (with whom she sang on the title Silence ), actor Pierre Niney (guest in the video of Balance your what ).

But the guest star of Blur , it is especially his brother, rapper Romeo Elvis that we see grow to the sides of Angela in this series of images touching.