As of the end of the ceremony, Saturday night, the nine members of the jury gathered in the press room to explain their list, before leaving the place to each of the winners. The palme d’or, which is given to Bong Joon-ho to Parasite? , “A film Korean, rooted in a territory if local, and yet, resonates globally,” says Alejandro González Iñarritu.

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Ladj Ly does not say another thing in leaving with the jury prize. “Yellow vests and suburbs, same fight”, says the director of les Misérables before you give the news about his call to president Emmanuel Macron. “We had a response, says the filmmaker. We will organise a screening very soon. At the Elysée palace or elsewhere.” His cry of appeal for the suburbs will be able to propagate in the Hexagon and on the benches of the Assembly.

“This is a film that has not left us. There is the poetry. There is a look without any concession to a reality very, very hard”

Enki Bilal, about Atlantic

It is not the only French to have picked up a prize. Céline Sciamma (Portrait of the girl on fire) and Mati Diop (Atlantic) are popular with the jury. They have, respectively, won the award for the best screenplay and the jury grand prize. “There has been almost unanimous,” says Enki Bilal, a member of the jury, about the Atlantic. “It is a film that has not left us, he adds. There is the poetry. There is a look without any concession to a reality very, very hard. There is something profound and very mysterious. And there is a great humility. This film, especially the images and emotions that remain.”

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The most feature-award-winning features related to social justice. Does he see a political message in the selection of the jury? “This was not our intention, says Alejandro González Iñarritu. Art is the reflection of the world. Art can see the future much more effectively than we do. These films focus on a frustration, an anger, which are present and the urgency of which resonates in us. That’s why they touched us.”

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once Again, Bong Joon-ho is the best proof. The winner of the competition, going home with his palme d’or for Parasite attests. “The most important thing for me is that it tells me that my films have a universe of its own,” he said. It is the biggest compliment one can make me.”

Y a-t-he a big loser in the 72nd winners of the Cannes film Festival? Without doubt, Pedro Almodovar, who lack the palm for the eighth time… Not really, according to Antonio Banderas, the actor of his film Pain and Glory, performance award winner, is certain: “We exchanged text messages this morning. He is very happy for me and I thank him for these 40 years and 8 films we’ve made together,” he says, recognizing just a “slight bitterness”. “The prize goes to the character that I play, Salvado Mallo, and everyone knows that Salvador Mallo, it is also Pedro,” says Banderas. A palm as a proxy for the one he describes as his “mentor”.