“I have to go and a short ‘what to buy” – such phrases, one often hears of people who are suffering from dementia. Because the (short-term)is damaged memory solid, tend to be people with dementia to live in the past. Because of the processes and tasks of days gone by, you remember mostly the good. Therefore, it was built in Duisburg, Germany, a new bus stops-dummy. In front of the “Walter Cordes living pen”, a retirement home, is now one of the Duisburg transport provided stop – including fictional schedule and Seating for the Waiting.

dementia: Sometimes, two minutes of waiting,

rich In a press release, the transport companies which were called to the station at the request of the residence life to explain the approach of “Fake”-stop. Those with dementia are often restless and wanted to go back in your old environment. In these cases, the bus stop bar “valuable services”. Residents of the dormitory could go so in the firm Belief in their trip to the bus stop and on the next Bus to wait. But the will never come. As the transport companies write enough sometimes two minutes of waiting and people with dementia has forgotten why he is on the spot. The hope of the residential home is that the residents return to the facility, and in General better control.

it is not that demented people are haphazard in places and then not know what they did exactly there at all or wanted to do. This can be in individual cases, to the danger on the road. Note-bus stops to remedy the situation. The idea in Germany since 2006. In the Federal Republic of several distributed such stops in the vicinity of hospitals, residential homes or treatment facilities.

According to the Ministry of education and research, in 2017, around 1.6 million Germans were suffering from dementia. By 2050 there could be three million.