After four weeks, prancing at the head of the box office in north american, Avengers-Endgame gave in the first place this weekend at John Wick Parabellum . But the movie super-heroes Marvel is now near the record of global revenues held by Avatar . the Avengers-Endgame has still earned $ 24.9 million during its fourth weekend operating in the halls of american and canadian, according to provisional figures published on Sunday by the specialized firm Exhibitor Relations. This brings the total of its global revenues 2.61 billion, up from $ 2,79 billion for Avatar in 2009.

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But in North America, he goes second behind John Wick Parabellum , third part of the adventures of John Wick, which collects $ 57 million for his release. Keanu Reeves plays a former hitman being chased by an army of assassins. Halle Berry, Laurence Fishburne, and Anjelica Huston play in the movie.

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On the third step of the podium, found the film adapted from the video game Nintendo Pokémon Detective Pikachu with approximately $ 24.8 million. The famous little yellow character (Ryan Reynolds lends his voice) investigate the disappearance of his former partner, Harry Goodman, and meets at the discretion of his adventures of other creatures Pokémon.

A Dog’s Journey, Universal studios, is in fourth place with eight million dollars. Based on the novel of the same name by W. Bruce Cameron the film tells the story of a dog who reincarnates every time to protect a person close to him. In the fifth place, The Hustle , with Anne Hathaway, and Rebel Wilson, is the stage for a duo of women specialized in the scam. He has collected $ 6.1 million. It is a remake of the film The more rogue of the two (1988) with Steve Martin and Michael Caine.

the other members of The Top 10 at the box-office north american

6 – The Intrude r: (4 million)

7 – Long-Shot (3.4 million dollars)

8 – My star solar ($2.6 million)

9 – Poms ($2.1 million)

10 – UglyDolls ($1.6 million)

John Wick Parabellum of Chad Stahelski, is the third in the series of films John Wick , with Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Ian McShane…