Indoctrinated by the hitler youth, a young German boy discovers with dismay that his mother cache, in the middle of the Second world War, a teenage jewish. But, he as a confidant, a Hitler, and imagination. UFO of the Toronto film Festival, Jojo Rabbit of the whimsical Taika Waititi seduced and horripilé criticism in equal shares. However, the black comedy from the director of Thor 3 enchanted the audience, who awarded him this Sunday, its price. This reward up office in this satire of anti-hate in the Oscar race. And provisionally in the pole position of the season awards to the sides of the Joker by Todd Philips, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood of Quentin Tarantino.

originally maori, Taika Waititi, which lends its characteristics to this Hitler’s imagination has made double blow for Toronto, pocketing the prize for best director, while the director of the franco-fénégalaise Mati Diop has won the prize of the young talent female for Atlantic. Involving Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell ( The signs of the revenge ), Thomasin McKenzie ( Leave No Trace ) and the young Novel Griffin Davis, Jojo Rabbit is an important test for the Fox, which distributes the film. Just bought out by Disney, the studio put its survival and its capacity to pursue independent projects on the success and critical public of the movies he comes out in the next few months. An indiscretion of Variety suggested that the tone satirical Jojo Rabbit had destabilized the makers of Disney. Jojo Rabbit is expected in theaters in u.s. on October 18, and in France in January 2020.

Taika Waititi MARIO ANZUONI/REUTERS Wedding Story and Parasite dolphins

On the second and third steps of the podium of the price to the public of Toronto, combines the very moving Wedding story of Noah Baumbach, and the palme d’or, the south-Korean Parasite of Bong Joon-ho. Chronic a painful divorce, Wedding Story , presented in Venice and will soon be available on Netflix, offers new Scarlett Johansson at the top of the poster, the side of Adam Driver. Unlike previous years, the audience award has been unveiled online, and not during a ceremony. Instead, the Festival was held on Monday its first “gala tribute” for rewarding careers exceptional in the film with new prices. Among actresses, it is Meryl Streep who has been distinguished for The Laundromat . Among the actors, it is Joaquin Phoenix for his mind-boggling Joker .

The last blow of heart of the festival-goers of the TIFF was Green Book: on the roads of the South who has finished by win the Oscar for best film. In their time, 12 Years A Slave, Slumdog Millionaire or The king’s Speech . Be present among the spectators of the TIFF offers a visibility non-trivial to hold the attention of the voters, busy at the Golden Globes and the Oscars. This is not a guarantee of walking away with the statuette of queen of the competition, but it can help to make the full appointments.

Toronto and Venice, which was won by Joker by Todd Philips raised by the performance, hugely impressive Joaquin Phoenix, giving the top start of the season prize which will enter in its active phase with the awarding of the Golden Globes in early January, and will culminate with the 93rd Oscars who are advanced to 9 February 2020.