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time magazine-summer price puzzle: the winners and the solutions

6 His doctoral work is based on a Dubiosum of the University in question would be taxed 12 Fine enemy of the Entdreckerfreude 15 You shall notify us of a fault with grace and with … confess (F. Schiller) 17 Fond formerly of bow makers need to be buyers 19 Make a bow to the Bering sea 21 Greater Vorarlberg district: 22 place with the Northern thoughts, to make a sickle and a hoe instead of sword and lance exercise 23 in-the-round: top gift of nature to Sprout and Thrive 24 s is most of the time’…:.,’s helpful, to is date 27, You praise the artist if you have to be over … his praise forget (Lessing) 28 for the sake of Sam music 30 played Anything other than a socializing journeyman 32 Volksmunds point of view: … the improvement in dawn 33 calculation type, Learning-35 Too early for Lunch, pretty late for Dinner 36 Señorita in the country to continent wasp waist Have 37 Officers of the Express mail delivery for centuries, 39 For Gilda, Manrico, Amneris, the Leading 40 are fond of other people’s concerns-or 32-level 42 start-sound in the name of the third party in Gernot-Gunther-Bunde 43 In Weidmann ring circles task 44 It’s better, deuces to please … than one hundred (proverb) 45 love is The point, where … from time to time forget (J. N. Nestroy) 46 Stretches really timid, their tendrils in wine gardener Hag 47 Therein, the students will become a Reference

1 cutting elementary important for Defense-like 2 shaped, for example, light rock environment, for example, Miltenberg landscape 3 your attractiveness to Convey, always by means of the distance to the remoteness of 4 to your head Stretches over Sealevel 5 bill floating to the point of two cubits over the ballet shoes 6 Pairs of Obstacles on the way of the common loss of the things 7 also Creates a kind of claustrophobia 8 is A relatively firm footing in the volcanic landscape 9 With and without jam: seem trippers some way a value of 10 Times help-, word-rich: Where is Phlegmatikers Launometer mostly? 11 salami tactical Detail of the Numbers!-World 13 literally: The … the master’s is creating more than his hands 14 of The associated persuade Gabe, unfortunately, not with integrity 16 If the missing completely, then s is missing’but nothing 18 Once the men of the Trutzens as a protection of Use 20 Supplies a day New to Neuss 24 a Long time, however, no consumption acceleration are expected to get 25 Likes with bright sang of Listening for tones in the Leaves beautify 26 people of as the view when you Look over the back fence 29 to Impress A Aries word from older time 31, by producing marvel mood 32 34, Moving the action between the home and the seat 38 Is in the power of the Creator in the timetable Because they had a) foam-like ideas for the enrichment of Wine 41 is in the floral main role in Belle & beast

solution of no. 2455 (time magazine no 43/2018):

7 Hippo LODGE (“the luck of the earth on the back of a horse” 10 DEPARTMENT 14 GRACE 17 TRACT in the tractor 19 Internet FORUMS 20 Helge Schneider, “KATZEklo” 21 IRIS 22, the footballer PEPE 23 laughs at NUESTERN 26 DONKEYS 27 STRESS 29 SITIN 30 BIZARRE 32 GALL 35 Bicycle SADDLE 38 and to Laugh 39 bird-PLUMAGE 40 ENTERTAIN 42 RENE in Pyrénées = Pyrenees (franz.) 43 HIT 44 DISCRETION 45 CAMOUFLAGE

1 SUPPLIER 2, GET 3 “not in the mood 4 SECTIONS 5 VULTURES 6 JORIS, “heart over head” 7 “main-course” menu-main course 8 PROPELLER (Astrid Lindgren “Karlsson on the roof”) 9 LINUS (“Peanuts”) 10 REVIEWER,” 11 SKUNK 12 STRAY 13 RACER 15 TRES = three (span.) 16 HASTEN 18 HUMMINGBIRD 24 EIFEL region 25 in particular, credit to REPAY 28 fact 30 “SAFFRON makes the cake gel(b)” in the children’s song “Patty cake” 31 SPEECH BACKREST 33 LAR in Nordpo-lar-sea-34 PHASE 36 Kokyo = the Palace of TENNO 37 41 TEA


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