It was the dean of the chansonniers français. His sketch multiplication table was become a classic of the genre, just like his character dunce notorious Philibert. Jacques Bodoin, died Friday at the age of 97 years, announced his family on Saturday. The death of this comedian, actor and singer, died at his home in Dieulefit (Drôme), was announced by her family in a notice published in the book of the day of the Figaro Saturday.

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Born march 26, 1921 in Clichy-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine), the famous years 50’s to the 80’s for his sketches, his participations in tv and radio, appearances at the cinema and dubbing, especially the character of Pollux to the accent as “british” in The carousel enchanted , Jacques Bodoin had made his debut in 1945 in Fellow music, vocal group, at the origin of the creation of the Compagnons de la chanson. Artist of music-hall a jack-of-all, it was then illustrated with his sketches, among which multiplication table -his biggest success – The English lesson and The rumen of sheep stuffed , and his character of dunce by the name of Philibert.

“In the tradition of Fernand Raynaud” Jacques Bodoin alongside Gaby Bruyère and Jacqueline Stone, on January 7, 1954. -/AFP

“Jacques Bodoin, who was the dean of songwriters, has brought a very modern approach to the art chansonnier”, indicated to the AFP Jacques Mailhot, director of the Theatre of the Two Donkeys, whose Jacques Bodoin had been a boarder famous until the 80s. “He had this singularity of camp characters, including the famous Philibert he was doing on stage. He had the faculty of passing from one character voice to another, in the tradition of Fernand Raynaud”, he added.

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Married in first wedding to actress Micheline Dax, with whom he had a daughter, the actress Véronique Bodoin Jacques Bodoin has also made some appearances in film, notably in La Grande vadrouille by Gérard Oury, in the role of the opera singer, or in The Life by Robert Tchernia.

Also host to the television and radio, he has worked from 1970 in the daily broadcast of Europe 1 “With a smile…” . He has also lent his voice to several characters in animation movies and series, such as dog dandy Pollux in The Carousel enchanted (1965 to 1975), the camel singer in Asterix and Cleopatra (1968), “Lucky Luke” or even Disney characters such as Mickey, Donald, and Jiminy Cricket in Coquin de printemps (1947) or the mice Jaq and Gus in Cinderella (1950).

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