His books, so thin, over thirty, are only a few places in our libraries. And yet, after all this time, it is reassuring to know there, at your fingertips. With their moods deleterious, their ghostly silhouettes escaped from the Paris of the Twentieth century that no longer has today the same face. For half a century, Patrick Modiano is in search of time past, of missed opportunities, faces long forgotten. Of Place de l’étoile to Ink nice today, he has built a fascinating world, vacillating between the real and the imaginary. A world bathed in mist threatening, characters with improbable names, bad boys and the women we would have liked to know. As this Noëlle Lefebvre on which the young John Eyben, narrator of the story, had been entrusted with the investigation by the head of the agency Hut.

To investigate and, therefore, to trace. It was little by way of if this is “a simple index card in a shirt the color of blue sky …

I log

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