In the family Schmitt, in the late 1960s, there was the father, the mother, the sister and the little Eric-Emmanuel. But in the family Schmitt, there is also an intruder. A parasite that is obese that doesn’t make the soul. This intruder is an old Schiedmayer, piano out of age, which occupies half of the room and rears up, threatening and when you must notify of the approach. It is a to alert: the much-beloved Aunt Beloved, that pianote a beautiful day and the air of nothing-air of grandiose. Who is this?, asks the young Éric-Emmanuel, 9 years old. Chopin, of course, told. Therefore, the child would have only one idea in mind: to make its product ranges, to tame the beast and discover the secret of that Chopin.

“Enjoy the silence”

On the stage of the Theatre on the Left Bank, Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt embodies, in Madame Pylinska and the secret of Chopin , in the person of his or her person, but also Aunt and Loved her piano teacher, the eccentric Polish Madame Pylinska. He wears his boa garnet, mime, smoke-cigarette, and we …

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