“Disney was totally in the right to fire me. There was no question of freedom of expression. I’ve written things that they have not loved, and they had the right to fire me.” In an interview given to american media Deadline , James Gunn returns to the episode the most traumatic of his career. In July 2018, while a third volume of the Guardians of the Galaxy is under construction, it is returned by the Disney studios.

The reason? A fortnight old tweets very bad taste “jokes” of a sexual nature), for which the filmmaker had already apologized in the past. They have been exhumed by militants from the branch alt-right american. In march 2019, the firm’s big-eared accepts against all odds to get back on its decision. James Gunn had in the meantime been signed among the direct competitors of Marvel, DC Comics, to achieve Suicide Squad 2 .

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“I don’t want to person. I felt very bad, even today, some of the things that I could say. Some jokes, some targets of my humor, of the unintended consequences of my lack of compassion.” He took the opportunity in particular to take “full responsibility” for his remarks and announcement have been aware of the harm that he has caused to his hearing.


When it comes time to tell his or her experience of the situation, James Gunn is shared. “A part of this day has been the worst of my life, and the other the best.” It was first thought his career completely “finished” in an instant, and has received unquestionable support from family and friends, as well as actors like Dave Bautista, other members of his production team, and the public. “It has been a living hell, and I lived minute by minute, but it was very beneficial to me, to see life with another perspective.”

“I’ve always had trouble accepting the love of others. […] It was necessary that all this happens to me to I manage finally to get rid of this mechanism, to feel all this love.” A bad for a good: “I’m a much better person now than I was a year ago,” he said to The Associated Press. “All of this has made me more creative and more focused on the really important things for me, or my friends, my relationships in general and the films that I do.”

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back In control of the project Marvel, James Gunn is especially reassured to find his favorite character, Rocket, and all the arc of a narrative that had developed about it. “Rocket is like me, really, even if it sounds a bit narcissistic to say the least. […] It was a big loss for me – not being able to finish this story – even if I was assured that the studios would use my script”. Before returning to the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and all of its characters, the developer will honour his commitments to DC Comics. Suicide Squad 2 should go to the cinema in the course of the year 2021.

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