Jean-Pierre Jeunet seems to be bitter. Since the failure of The Extravagant Journey of the young and prodigious T. S. Spivet in 2013, the producer has struggled to return to the front of the stage. On the occasion of his visit to the Cinémathèque american from Los Angeles who has organized a retrospective of some of his films, the filmmaker has revealed that he does not wish to do the following Amélie , his romantic comedy, now worship, with Audrey Tautou.

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In an interview with IndieWire , the filmmaker justifies his choice: “It would not be with the same actress, it would be less expensive because we no longer have the same budget and then Paris became so difficult to shoot. There are construction sites everywhere, Paris is too ugly now,” says the director. He does not wish to do the series around its heroine.

“The Paris of Amélie is a Paris that we love, to the aesthetic worked very. If work hinders currently Jean-Pierre Jeunet, this should not last and may, with happiness, turn to the second part argues that an elected official of the city of Paris contacted by Le Figaro . Besides, there is always a record number of shootings in Paris.”

On the other hand, Jean-Pierre Jeunet has expressed the idea of wanting to make a faux-documentary around of Amélie , in the same tone as Forgotten Silver , by Peter Jackson, in 1995. It was a short film in which the director of the Lord of the Rings is fun to make believe that New Zealand was a figure a pioneer of the seventh item

“I’m trying to write a fake documentary on the filming of Amélie , in the same style as the movie Peter Jackson about the beginning of the film, says the filmmaker. It will just be baloney, something very funny, not expensive to do I hope.”

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And if nothing is yet final, and has neither title, nor scenario, Jean-Pierre Jeunet wants to work again with Guillaume Laurant, the co-writer of Amélie . He also shared he has been working for several years on a new project on the theme of sensuality, but is struggling to find funding.

“It’s difficult because it talks about sex. Once again, thank you Harvey Weinstein. It really is the wrong period to talk about this kind of subject,” says the filmmaker, who had had to deal with the ex-magnate of Hollywood in 2015 at the output of The Extravagant Journey of the young and prodigious T. S. Spivet . A bad memory for the developer, because the old producer wanted to make many cuts to the inside of the film.

a head full Of ideas, Jean-Pierre Jeunet has announced that it wanted to “make a film “artificial intelligence”, but feared still to have problems to finance it, “because it is a comedy with robots”. He does not lose hope, and to bring Netflix, the giant streaming, “only as a last resort”.

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