The man in his fifties who was known under the name of Flood is not born the last rain. Legend studios uk, the man has made his debut on the first album of a group that promised success, The Cure, in 1978. Since then, he has worked with some of the most important musicians of the past three decades, Nick Cave to PJ Harvey in passing by U2 and a few others. In total, the master has worked on 300 albums. Of passage in Paris, it heaps praise on one of the last projects that he has produced: the first album of The Murder Capital. This young band from Dublin released When I Have Fears the 16th of August last.

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Preceded by a reputation to be very promising, the training did not disappoint, quite the contrary. The title of the album is inspired by the poem of the English language, John Keats, When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be . Death in 25 years, the romantic poet offers a major influence to these rockers exalted. More than one album, the disk of The Murder Capital …

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