From 1 June in St. Petersburg will soften the restrictions against coronavirus

In St. Petersburg from June 1 to June 14 soften the regime of restrictions established due to a new type of coronavirus. About this like reported on the website of the Smolny, said the Governor Alexander Beglov.

“the Situation with the spread of coronavirus infections in the us is difficult. But there is a tendency to slacken. Last week, the spread ratio is kept at unity. This has given us a big cost,” he said.

Meanwhile, the restrictions will be softened. In particular, older residents of St. Petersburg aged over 65 years will allow us to get out of the house: a call to isolation mode will be the recommendation.

Also Smolny will allow citizens to appear on the streets without masks and gloves. The requirement will remain mandatory only in public places, transport, shops.

“Will open a notary and legal firm. Visiting the cemeteries will be permitted, subject to the use of personal protective equipment,” — said the press service of the administration.

Until may 31, in St. Petersburg there is a rule about mandatory wearing of personal protective equipment in all public areas and the elderly over 65 years of age are forbidden to leave the house.

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