His statements about “the white man” had caused a scandal. Sinéad O’connor, who has since explained, has kept new remarks that should be too much ink. Guest of the show Good Morning Britain Monday morning on the british channel ITV, the irish singer has brought serious accusations against Prince back on a traumatic experience that she claims to have lived with the Kid from Minneapolis.

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“This is not a joke at all, explained the interpreter of Nothing Compares 2U . It was a truly terrifying, to tell the truth.” O’connor explains if be made at home californian singer’s gone in 2016, at its request. “I am foolishly gone alone, she continued. He asked me to come because he was not comfortable with the idea that I am not his protégé. I had just recorded a song with him and he wanted to take me under his wing.”

“I spit on it”

“He asked me to stop swearing in my interviews, said the singer. I told him to go and be seen and I was attacked. It is mounted to the floor and took a pillow with something hard inside. I ran away to hide from me behind a tree.” The interpreter of Purple Rain would have then launched in pursuit of Sinéad O’connor. “At 5 o’clock in the morning, we were in the process of running around his car. I was coughing up top while he was trying to hit me. Then, I went to ring a neighbor’s door, what my father always advised me to do if I ever found myself one day in such a situation.”

“5 o’clock in the morning, we were in the process of running around his car. I was coughing up a top as he tried to hit me”

Sinéad O’connor at ITV

According to the singer, who says she never reviewed the dandy funk, the “hard drugs” would be largely responsible for the behaviour of Prince. She also stated that the latter would have had a similar behavior with many other women. “One of the girls from his group ended up in the hospital with a broken rib”, she concluded.