For the opening weekend of its 45th edition, the Festival of american film, hit hard, and calls in 48 hours nothing less than a former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, queen of Westeros, the young Sophie Turner revealed by the saga cult of HBO’s Game of Thrones , and one of the last superstars in hollywood: Johnny Depp.

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The heroes of Edward scissorhands and the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean has unleashed the greatest passions. In front of the Royal hotel and at the press conference, comedian and rock ‘ n ‘ roll has attracted the crowds before setting foot on the red carpet this Sunday night to receive a tribute. And present his latest film, dystopia waiting for the barbarians , from the classic novelist the south african J. M. Coetzee. “A universal parable about imperialism,” said the comedian and his business partner Mark Rylance.

Depp portrays a sinister high-ranking officer of the political police came to quell a rebellion of nomads in a time and a place timeless, “a broken and a prisoner of his armor of prejudice and power”. The project, which has put 25 years in the making has also had the honors of the Festival. Despite the fatigue, Johnny Depp was looking sometimes his words lent good thanks to the autographs. It has also defended its advertising spot Dior, whose trailer has been accused of racism, anti-native american.

Standing-ovation for Roman Polanski Orelsan and Sophie Turner on the red carpet of the Deauville. LOU BENOIST/AFP

The day before, it was the young Sophie Turner, the heroine of Game of Thrones, who dominated the audience goes wild. The actress of 23 years, was honored with the award of the New Hollywood. Fan of the saga HBO, the rapper Orelsan was lent with enthusiasm for the game of the speech, welcoming the transformation of Sansa Stark. Past of a young princess capricious to monarch and strategist warned, after a lot of tests. Then the singer has called upon the hall of the palace of the congress of the resort to “kneel and allegiance” to the queen of the North. Very spontaneous and humble in the interview, the actress confided, happy to be at a turning point in his career, and often doubts herself. Mischievous, Sophie Turner, like Pierce Brosnan a little earlier in the day, advanced the idea of a James Bond female.

Roman Polanski has also had the right to a standing-ovation. Present in Deauville, france, as the former president of the Festival competition, which celebrates its 25th anniversary, the film-maker franco-Polish had just learned that his film on the Dreyfus affair was the award-winning at the Venice film Festival. Distracted then that we asked him to evoke his memories normans, the filmmaker was received the relief of Catherine Deneuve, who revealed to the public the good news.

Skinhead repented

Side cinema, it is the musical comedy Music of My Life based on the repertoire of Bruce Springsteen, who broke records of applause. Under the emotional gaze of its director, anglo-indian Gurinder Chadha stayed in the room. His small presentation in French of the movie, which comes out next week much appreciated by the audience who burst out laughing when the filmmaker was presented as a “roast beef-tandori”.

Jamie Bell, unrecognizable behind a cloud of tattoos. Maven Picturess

The official competition at the Deauville was way darker. Skin , the drama that started the ball rolling, is a dive almost documentary and rough, sometimes to the limit of endurance, in the wake of the white-supremacist americans. The israeli director Guy Nattiv has transformed and made to disappear under a cloud of tattoos Jamie Bell to tell the true story of Bryon Widner, a skinhead who found the strength, by love, to leave his clan. On the same theme, Nattiv had already earned the Oscar for the best short film. The performance of the former Billy Elliot is a tour de force.

Swallow has offered to festival-goers, his first heroine from the head. Inspired by the passage in a psychiatric hospital for her grandmother, who suffered from a disorder-compulsive, Carlo Mirabella-Davis weaves the strange portrait of Hunter, housewife desperate, that defies the rigour patriarchal of her parents-in-law and her husband swallowing all of the objects that pass under his hand. Of the ball at the pin passing through the battery. The heroine has the elegance of the troubling of Hailey Bennett, view in The Woman in the train , which is in turn naive, detached and of a lucidity that is striking. His beautiful home, glass offers reflections lynchéens at the edge of the supernatural, before the epilogue brings it back sharply in our reality down to earth. A first serious candidate to the list.

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fans of ufo or nanar (depending on circumstances) will also have their account with the curious Ham on Rye of Tyler Taormina, chronic abstract and dreamlike of young high school students giving an appointment in a cafe to eat and dance. The dialogues are rare, and the fade between the systematic plans. Many spectators discouraged have preferred to reach it before the time the surface and the beach. It has been a part of.