starting early on 12 September 2018, shortly before reaching the sixty, Rachid Taha had had the time to complete an entire album. It is released today under the title I am african . A profession of faith for this child of immigration, grew up between the Vosges mountains and the city of Lyon, showed up with his brilliant recovery of the Douce France of Trenet. This hymn to tolerance, a signed Holiday Card, spent heavily on the airwaves in full case of Malik Oussekine. In 1986, the rai landed in the paris region, but Rachid Taha had to do. It was rock, viscerally, fundamentally. What are the Anglo-Saxons who talk about best: his two biggest fans, Brian Eno and Robert Plant are full of praise about it.

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We learned to be wary of the albums posthumous. Too many musicians have suffered to see their work carried on shameless after their death. Latest example: Miles Davis, whose Rubb …

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