we spoke to him more alcohol and cure. “I’m perfectly lucid and happy,” proclaims Renaud, to put an end to the rumors that say, in very poor health. They have multiplied during the recent tribulations of the singer, the death of his brother and his mother to his nasty fall down the stairs. Renaud has reassured on his state on Saturday, September 14, joining RTL by phone, while his friend Dave presented his album Remember love , available in stores since Friday.

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“Despite what was said in the tabloids, the press of the gutter, I do not have a STROKE, or liver cancer, or cirrhosis, explained Renaud. I am in perfect health for a year, I don’t drink a drop of alcohol for nine months.” Last July, the musician had revealed only drink of the Bitter San Pellegrino, a “aperitif without alcohol” that he particularly enjoys.

A new album at the end of November

“The public has a false idea of me, continued with Renaud on RTL. I am able to invest in another artist than me and in a different style.” It made reference to its decision to produce the “great” disc Dave Remember love . Thanks to Renaud, the seventy-year-old Dutch in September 2018, registered its securities in the mythical studios of ICP, which are passed before him, Pink Floyd, Serge Gainsbourg, or even Jimmy Hendrix.

Renaud is also enthusiastic about the idea of presenting, at the end of November, his own album, the twenty-fourth of his long discography. Entitled The kids and children first , the disc will be “a little different in that it is an album about childhood.” “I talk to the children ; I hope they will enjoy this, as well as parents because it is still rather songs great,” says the translator of Leaves Concrete , that exults in the idea of “do the bitching more than one because there are a lot of big words.” Obviously, the former loubard, who strode the boulevards of Paris has not lost its malice.