In Brazil at a record pace, a growing number are infected with coronavirus

In Brazil recorded a record figure for the entire period of the epidemic the number of infected COVID-19 per day exceeded 19.9 thousand evidenced by the official statistics of the national Ministry of health.

the country has more than 296 thousand infected, it is ahead on this indicator only the United States (more than 1.6 million infected) and Russia (over 317 million). Epidemiologist, Director of the International longevity centre Alexandre Kalash believes that in the near future, Brazil could take the second place, it quotes The Financial Times.

Recall, Brazilian President Air Bolsonaro considered the introduction of strict quarantine measures in the country redundant. “I survived the attack on me with a knife, and some kind of cold doesn’t take me,” said the President in March. However, in April, when the pace of spread of the disease and mortality rates in Brazil began to grow Bolsonaro acknowledged the danger of coronavirus and expressed sympathy to the families of the deceased. To combat the virus, he suggested the use of an antimalarial drug.

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