A thick, black smoke pierced the sky of Corsica, Sunday August 25th, when the ship Master Gims ignited suddenly. The rapper, three of his friends and two crew members had to jump in the sea, and swim to a boat came to their rescue. He told the micro RMC the following events, which has failed to turn in the drama, and the questions follow on the land.

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“Is this what you wanted me to trap? I asked a bunch of questions. It was not the cause, everything was going well”, he said on RMC, while an investigation has been opened. “Blue sky, turquoise water, beautiful, we were swimming. Back on the boat, we resumed the road and all of a sudden it smells burnt. Begin to look for what’s happening, and the black smoke starts to come out of the back of the boat. But wow, has it happened in 5 minutes it all,” he said on RMC.

“words that I had never heard true,”

The panic has quickly earned the rapper and his friends. “The captain had red eyes, screaming ‘mayday, mayday’, words that I had never heard true, that in the movies. The life jackets had burned, everything had burned. It took a jump. […] I begin to swim, in my head I start to become crazy, I say to myself ‘there’s a shark’.” Surely not as much as in the world of music…